Chestnut,Shelf,5,142円,Chalked,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/wiki/Age_of_Calamity_Challenges,Hill,in,Bowery,Bookcase, Bowery Hill 5 Shelf in Chestnut Bookcase 早割クーポン Chalked Chestnut,Shelf,5,142円,Chalked,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/wiki/Age_of_Calamity_Challenges,Hill,in,Bowery,Bookcase, 142円 Bowery Hill 5 Shelf Bookcase in Chalked Chestnut Home Kitchen Furniture Bowery Hill 5 Shelf in Chestnut Bookcase 早割クーポン Chalked 142円 Bowery Hill 5 Shelf Bookcase in Chalked Chestnut Home Kitchen Furniture

Bowery Hill 5 Shelf in Chestnut Bookcase 早割クーポン 激安卸販売新品 Chalked

Bowery Hill 5 Shelf Bookcase in Chalked Chestnut


Bowery Hill 5 Shelf Bookcase in Chalked Chestnut

Product description

There is no such thing as too much storage space. Add a little extra storage to your home with this beautiful 5-shelf bookcase from Pemberly Row. This tall bookcase features five spacious shelves that offer you ample amount of room for you to store and display anything from your assortment of cookbooks, work binders, and bins of office supplies to knick-knacks, decorative plants, and photos of your friends and family. Three of the shelves are adjustable so you can modify and move them to the specific height and placement to fit all your needs. It has room for it all! This versatile bookcase adds charm and simple style that is sure to stand out in any room of your home – the living room, down the hallway, in the office, or even the bedroom! Finished in chalked chestnut, this handsome bookcase is the solution to all your storage woes.

Features :

Finish: Chalked Chestnut
Material: Engineered Wood
Three adjustable shelves for flexible storage options.

Specifications :

Recommended Location : Indoor
Recommended Room : Office.

Bowery Hill 5 Shelf Bookcase in Chalked Chestnut


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