,with,x,22円,Down,(2,100%,18",Insert,/visit/group-rates,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,18",Pillow,Pack),Synthetic 22円 Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 18" (2 Pack) Synthetic Down with 100% Home Kitchen Bedding Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 最新アイテム 2 Down Pack 100% with Synthetic Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 最新アイテム 2 Down Pack 100% with Synthetic 22円 Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 18" (2 Pack) Synthetic Down with 100% Home Kitchen Bedding,with,x,22円,Down,(2,100%,18",Insert,/visit/group-rates,Throw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,18",Pillow,Pack),Synthetic

Throw Pillow Insert 18

Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 18" (2 Pack) Synthetic Down with 100%


Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 18" (2 Pack) Synthetic Down with 100%

Product Description

Our down-like synthetic pillow makes a brilliant alternative to real goose down pillows. These are made with 100% synthetic down (microfiber) fill. The microfiber feels just like the genuine goose down, but without the risk of feathers poking through the cover or having to feel the hard, sharp feather shafts on the back of your head. The cover material is 100% cotton, 255 count. Our synthetic down is very lightweight, just like real down, making them great for taking on hiking and camping trips. It will sustain the "karate chop" look until re-fluffed. These pillows are machine washable on low heat. If you want a firm pillow, we suggest buying an insert that is 2” larger than your cover. If you want the “Karate Chop” look, buy an insert that is the same size as your cover.

polyester filled standard cover polypropylene Pilpc Microfiber Upgraded Cover Synthetic Down Microfiber Goose Down Feather
Synthetic Down Filled 100% Cotton Cover
Filling 100% Brand-New Polyester Fiber 100% Brand-New Polyester Fiber 100% Brand-New Polyester Microfiber 95% White Feather / 5% Goose Down
Cover 100% Durable Polypropylene 100% Microfiber 100% Down-Proof Cotton 100% Down-Proof Cotton
Weight Generously Overstuffed Generously Overstuffed Medium Weight Medium Weight
Materials 100% Synthetic Materials 100% Synthetic Materials 50% Synthetic Materials 100% Natural amp; Organic
Firmness Firm Firm Holds "Karate Chop" Holds "Karate Chop"
Machine Washable Machine Washable Machine Washable Machine Washable Machine Washable

Throw Pillow Insert 18" x 18" (2 Pack) Synthetic Down with 100%

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