CARE,Butt,/us/en/home/lab-solutions.html,Hip,,25円,Pads,Hip,Shaper,YUENA,Lifter,Enhancer,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sponge,Reusa 25円 YUENA CARE Hip Pads Sponge Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter Shaper Reusa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women CARE,Butt,/us/en/home/lab-solutions.html,Hip,,25円,Pads,Hip,Shaper,YUENA,Lifter,Enhancer,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sponge,Reusa 25円 YUENA CARE Hip Pads Sponge Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter Shaper Reusa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women YUENA CARE Hip Seasonal Wrap入荷 Pads Sponge Reusa Butt Shaper Enhancer Lifter YUENA CARE Hip Seasonal Wrap入荷 Pads Sponge Reusa Butt Shaper Enhancer Lifter

YUENA CARE Hip Seasonal Wrap入荷 Pads Sponge Reusa Butt 引き出物 Shaper Enhancer Lifter

YUENA CARE Hip Pads Sponge Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter Shaper Reusa


YUENA CARE Hip Pads Sponge Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter Shaper Reusa

Product description


Package Contains --- Package include: Hip Pads * 1 pair

Product Material --- 0

Product Color --- As pictures show

Product Dimension --- Size: S/M/L


☆ 1.Package include -- Hip Sponge Pads * 1 pair

☆ 2.Material -- Our reusable padded hip are made of polyester amp; sponge material,soft and lightweight,breathable,resilient and cushioning.

☆ 3.Function -- It helps defines your hip and smooth your body for a more natural,sleek and slim look and minimizes those unsightly bumps and bulges so you feel confident in your outfit.

☆ 4.Design -- Experience full,shapely hips with realistic look,feel and movement.

☆ 5.Reusable -- Easy care,washable and reusable,Perfectly close to your hip, add hip dimension.


Size of product --- The size is hand-measured, please allow a slight deviation within 3 cm ;

Color of product --- The real color of the item may be slightly differently from the pictures shown on the website caused by many factors such as the brightness of the computer screen or the lighting levels ;

After sell service --- If we fail to satisfy you for any reason, please do contact us in time, we promise every customer with 200% fine after-sell service. We've been always trying our best to make it a pleasant shopping experience every time for you purchasing here.

YUENA CARE Hip Pads Sponge Hip Enhancer Butt Lifter Shaper Reusa

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