Kappa Igname L Authentic ※アウトレット品 /support-pages/make-a-referral,Igname,L,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Authentic,14円,Kappa,canuxploitation.com Kappa Igname L Authentic ※アウトレット品 14円 Kappa Igname Authentic L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 14円 Kappa Igname Authentic L Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men /support-pages/make-a-referral,Igname,L,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Authentic,14円,Kappa,canuxploitation.com

Kappa Igname L Authentic 驚きの値段で ※アウトレット品

Kappa Igname Authentic L


Kappa Igname Authentic L

Product description

The Igname Slim Pullover Hoodie from Kappa comes with elasticated cuffs and hem, featuring an embroidered logo on front. Coming in Blue Navy/Natural Grey colour, this slim fit hoodie sports a drawstring hood and open pocket.

Kappa Igname Authentic L

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