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Sexy Lingerie That Comes with Kimo Kimono for Women. 百貨店 Lightweight バーゲンセール

Sexy Lingerie That Comes with Kimono for Women. Lightweight Kimo


Sexy Lingerie That Comes with Kimono for Women. Lightweight Kimo

Product description

This silk satin sleepwear comes with 3 pieces - a kimono robe, a lingerie and a waist-tie closure. This beautiful, ultra-feminine and soft kimono is a perfect addition to your everyday lineup. It also comes with a comfortable and smooth slip dress or lingerie, and a waist-tie closure. The style is so elegant and luxurious! This silk satin pajama set is a must have for all women!

Sexy Lingerie That Comes with Kimono for Women. Lightweight Kimo


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