Bulb,Infocus,SP-LAMP-LP2,Projector,Office Products , Office Electronics,Assembly,39円,with,Lamp,canuxploitation.com,/podcasts/default.htm,Inside 39円 Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly Lamp with Projector Bulb Inside Office Products Office Electronics Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly 超歓迎された Lamp Bulb Projector Inside with 39円 Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly Lamp with Projector Bulb Inside Office Products Office Electronics Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly 超歓迎された Lamp Bulb Projector Inside with Bulb,Infocus,SP-LAMP-LP2,Projector,Office Products , Office Electronics,Assembly,39円,with,Lamp,canuxploitation.com,/podcasts/default.htm,Inside

Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly 超歓迎された Lamp Bulb 在庫あり Projector Inside with

Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly Lamp with Projector Bulb Inside


Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly Lamp with Projector Bulb Inside

Product description

Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Projector replacement lamp with high quality compatible bulb.
The replacement lamp include:
- generic housing compatible with Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Projector
- high quality compatible Projector Bulb

The compatible bulb is made by the bulb manufacturer to meet the specifications and requirements for the Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Projector and to performs similar to the OEM bulb version.
Offering high quality at an affordable price, these compatible bulbs are ideal substitutes for higher priced factory original bulbs.

The Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Projector replacement lamps are completely covered under our 90-day warranty, which protects against any defective products.
We are committed to offering an easy and safe Projector Lamp buying experience that brings peace of mind to all our customers.

Warranty does not cover: shipping costs, improper installation including damages incurred while attempting installation, any installation or labor costs, lamps damaged by TV/projector malfunction, damage due to abuse, lightning or acts of nature, misuse, electrical stress or power surges, loss of use, lost profits.

Infocus SP-LAMP-LP2 Assembly Lamp with Projector Bulb Inside

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