Automotive , Replacement Parts,DC,25円,300A,Terminal,Studs,iztor,Busbar,,/news/coloring-sky-powering-our-lives-0,Power,4xM8(5/16inch),12-48V iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8 5 Busbar 16inch 現金特価 Power Studs Terminal 25円 iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8(5/16inch) Terminal Studs Busbar Power Automotive Replacement Parts iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8 5 Busbar 16inch 現金特価 Power Studs Terminal 25円 iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8(5/16inch) Terminal Studs Busbar Power Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,DC,25円,300A,Terminal,Studs,iztor,Busbar,,/news/coloring-sky-powering-our-lives-0,Power,4xM8(5/16inch),12-48V

iztor DC 12-48V 300A 品質検査済 4xM8 5 Busbar 16inch 現金特価 Power Studs Terminal

iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8(5/16inch) Terminal Studs Busbar Power


iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8(5/16inch) Terminal Studs Busbar Power

Product description

Color:4xM8(5/16inch) (black)

Max Amperage: 300 Amps at 12VDC per connection.
1. Modular box design for easy wiring configuration.
2. Glass fiber reinforced nylon base and shell ensure high mechanical strength and durability.
3. The box is detachable for barrier-free wiring, which reasonably accommodates the wires inside the vehicle and ship.
4.Blank write-on space on the top allows easy labeling for each branch.
5. Good Function: Play a role of storage of a negative wire harness in automobiles, ships and yachts. The negative wires are gathered together to make the box storage more beautiful.
6. Actual Use: The middle M8 is connected to the negative pole of the device, and the M8 at both ends is connected to the negative pole of the battery; a small current is collected from each device, such as 3A, 5A, 10A, 8A,etc. Integrate a thick line to collect a large current in the range of 300A To the battery.

Base amp; Cover Material: Nylon, Glass Fiber reinforced.
Bus Material: Brass, Nickel plated
Max Operating Voltage: DC 48V
Max Continuous Amp: 300A
Terminal Stud Size: 4x M8 (5/16")
Dimensions (L x W x H): 138 x 69 x 46mm
Color: black, red
Product application: widely used in power supply systems of automobiles, yachts and ships

Product List:
Bus bar box*1

1. Product dimensions are measured manually, and there may be errors.
2. The pictures are taken in kind, but due to the light and the display, the pictures you see may have slight chromatic aberration. This is inevitable, please understand!

iztor DC 12-48V 300A 4xM8(5/16inch) Terminal Studs Busbar Power


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