Heat,,Music,,with,Electric,canuxploitation.com,Bluetooth,Eye,Massager,28円,Health Household , Health Care,/mutedly323203.html,QETRABONE,Rech QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager 直営ストア with Bluetooth Heat Music Rech 28円 QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Rech Health Household Health Care Heat,,Music,,with,Electric,canuxploitation.com,Bluetooth,Eye,Massager,28円,Health Household , Health Care,/mutedly323203.html,QETRABONE,Rech QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager 直営ストア with Bluetooth Heat Music Rech 28円 QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Rech Health Household Health Care

QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager 直営ストア with Bluetooth Heat Music Rech トラスト

QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Rech


QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Rech

Product description

Color:Lady's Pink

QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Voice Broadcast, Rechargeable, Therapy Visual Eye Mask Massager for Relieve Eye, Dry Eye, Eye Fatigue Relief, Improve Sleep

Reminder :

Please do not use it when it is charging.

People who have eye disease please do not use it. Including eye surgery/glaucoma/

cataract/retinal detachment or major eye disease

Those people who are with sensitive skin and facial allergic dermatitis should use

the product with the guidance of doctor

Please do not use this massager in drunk or body is not timely

Product Specifications:

Power Input: DC 5V

Default Time: 15 mins

Battery: 850 mAh

Charging Time: 2.5 h

Working Time: 60-100 mins

Package Includes: 1 x Eye Massager; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x Product Manual

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our unremitting efforts, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

We’ll do our best to help you with it, and also pleasure to receive your great advice

QETRABONE Electric Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth Music, Rech

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