Extension,Co,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,canuxploitation.com,Remy,Stick/I,30円,/manic322774.html,Human,Hair,Bonded,Keratin,Pre,Tip,SEGO SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick I Extension Remy マート Hair Human Tip Co 30円 SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension Co Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Extension,Co,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,canuxploitation.com,Remy,Stick/I,30円,/manic322774.html,Human,Hair,Bonded,Keratin,Pre,Tip,SEGO 30円 SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension Co Beauty Personal Care Hair Care SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick I Extension Remy マート Hair Human Tip Co

SEGO Pre Bonded 低価格 Keratin Stick I Extension Remy マート Hair Human Tip Co

SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension Co


SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension Co

Product Description

SEGO is a seller of hair products with more than 16 years of experience in the field of hair product manufacturing. We are providing high-quality products and services, from production to sales, we strictly choose each material to maintain our excellent quality, your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.


I Tip Hair Extensions

I tip hair extension is a more professional and durable hair extensions ever,which can last up to 3 months before requiring maintenance.It's application of cold fusion makes it popular among people who prefer no heat on hair(cuz heat may damage hair somehow).It can also be attached by melting the glue if you like.Both are stable and visually undetectable.The material of pure remy human hair allows it to be dyed or curled.Just treat it like your own hair.


  1. Material: remy human hair
  2. Length: 16-22"
  3. Weight: 0.5g/strand, 100 strands/pack


  1. 100% remy human hair:More natural and blends in well with your own hair.
  2. Restylable:Can be dyed,curled or straightened.(only light color can be dyed darker)
  3. All hair cuticles are kept in the same direction (the key to avoid tangle and mess).
  4. Pre-bonded with I-shape tip, each strand can naturally attach to your own hair while maintaining free movement unlike piece-shaped extensions.
  5. Cold fusion application:Can be applied with micro beads without any requirement of heat.Harmless to your hair.
  6. Two application method:can also be attached by melting the glue. Both are stable and visually undetectable.

All pictures are taken by ourselves, but considering light and different monitor, the exact color might be slightly different from the picture showed.


Can be restyled:

  1. Hair must be washed or wet. Use a towel or handkerchief to drain the water on the hair. Make hair straight and smooth.
  2. Tie the hair around the curler stick.
  3. Set the temperature to 130 to 180 degrees.
  4. It will take 5-10 minutes to bend the hair. Feel the hair with your hand to check if the hair is dry completely.
  5. Release the hair.

About dyeing:

  1. Only light color can be dyed into dark color.Dark color cannot be dyed lighter.
  2. Always try on one piece of hair before dying the whole hair extension to avoid the hair being spoiled.

Friendly remind:

  • I-tip hair extensions will move further and further away from the scalp with grown of your own hair, so you need to adjust the beads by moving them closer to the scalp.
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Materials Remy Human Hair Remy Human Hair Remy Human Hair Remy Human Hair Remy Human Hair
Key Feature invisible,healthy,cold fusion cold fusion,no harm to hair cover thinning or grey hair on top natural,fashion style hair bangs long lasting,reusable tape
Length 16"-24" 16"-24" 6"-16" 10"-14" 12"-24"

SEGO Pre Bonded Keratin Stick/I Tip Remy Human Hair Extension Co

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