Stringed 日本未発売 Musical Vintage Style With Backpacks Unisex Adjustable 30円 Stringed Musical Vintage Style Unisex Backpacks With Adjustable Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Luggage Travel Gear Stringed 日本未発売 Musical Vintage Style With Backpacks Unisex Adjustable 30円 Stringed Musical Vintage Style Unisex Backpacks With Adjustable Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Luggage Travel Gear With,Backpacks,Style,Musical,30円,/letteret1994193.html,Vintage,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Luggage Travel Gear,Adjustable,,Stringed,Unisex With,Backpacks,Style,Musical,30円,/letteret1994193.html,Vintage,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Luggage Travel Gear,Adjustable,,Stringed,Unisex

Stringed 日本未発売 新作販売 Musical Vintage Style With Backpacks Unisex Adjustable

Stringed Musical Vintage Style Unisex Backpacks With Adjustable


Stringed Musical Vintage Style Unisex Backpacks With Adjustable

Product description



Our Casual Backpacks Are Made Of Superior Quality And Durable Polyester.
Polyester Is The Ideal Lightweight Material For Ultra-Strong Backpacks.
Polyester Material Is Heat Resistant, Making It Suitable For Outdoor Use.
Dimension: 11.4"(L)¡Á7.8"(W)¡Á15.7"(H)/29 Cm(L)¡Á20cm(W)¡Á40cm(H).


Main Compartment With High-Quality Double Smooth Zippers Closure.
amp; #8730;Roomy Main Compartment: The Main Compartments Offer A Separated Space For Your Laptop,Ipad,Charger,Book,Pen,Pencil Bag, Calculator,Clothes,Ect.Easy Find What You Want.
Two Small Interior Pockets And One Zipper Pockets.Fit In Your Phone,Wallet Or Any Other Equipment.It'S Anti Theft And Reliable,Protecting Wallet And Other Items Inside From Thief And Offering A Private Space.
One Front Pocket Can Carry Pens Or Other Little Supplies.
Adjustable Mesh Pocke:It Adjusts To Fit A Water Bottle Or Juice Box.
Padded,Adjustable Comfy Straps.The Ergonomic Design Of The Backpack Is Designed To Reduce Shoulder Fatigue And To Minimize Stress On The Back.
Easy-To-Clean Lining.


Our Bag Is Perfectly Use As Computer Backpack,Laptop Backpack/Bags/Sleeves,Travel Backpack, Sport Backpack,Duffel Bag And Other Outdoor Activities.

Purchasing Notes:

The Actual Color Of The Backpack Maybe Slight Different From The Picture Shown Due To The Different Screen Of Display Or Reflecting Light When Shooting.
1-2cm Error Of Measuring Is A Reasonable Range Due To Different Measurement Methods.
It'S Can'T Avoidable That You Will Receive The Backpack With Some Smells From Original Material As It'S Brand New.

Stringed Musical Vintage Style Unisex Backpacks With Adjustable

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