Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set 2 with of 市場 R Clamps Pack Woodworking 65円 Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set, 2 Pack of Woodworking Clamps with R Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Parallel,2,Woodworking,,Set,,with,Clamps,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bora,R,Clamp,50",Pack,/infusoriform67839.html,of,65円 Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set 2 with of 市場 R Clamps Pack Woodworking 65円 Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set, 2 Pack of Woodworking Clamps with R Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Parallel,2,Woodworking,,Set,,with,Clamps,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Bora,R,Clamp,50",Pack,/infusoriform67839.html,of,65円

Bora 50

Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set, 2 Pack of Woodworking Clamps with R


Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set, 2 Pack of Woodworking Clamps with R

From the manufacturer

parallel clamp parallel clamp parallel clamp parallel clamp parallel clamp
571112T: 12-Inch Two Pack 571124T: 24-Inch Two Pack 571131T: 31-Inch Two Pack 571140T: 40-Inch Two Pack 571150T: 50-Inch Two Pack
Clamp Size 12-inch 24-inch 31-inch 40-inch 50-inch
3.5-Inch padded jaw
1,100-lb. clamping pressure
Removable jaw pads
Easy Grip Handle
Anti-Slip Bottom Jaw

Bora 50" Parallel Clamp Set, 2 Pack of Woodworking Clamps with R


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