Harness,Classic,25円,Nobby,80732 39 Comfort,Preno,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Green,/information-library/energy-and-the-environment.aspx,canuxploitation.com 激安超特価 Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Green Classic Preno 25円 Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Classic Preno Green Pet Supplies Dogs 激安超特価 Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Green Classic Preno Harness,Classic,25円,Nobby,80732 39 Comfort,Preno,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Green,/information-library/energy-and-the-environment.aspx,canuxploitation.com 25円 Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Classic Preno Green Pet Supplies Dogs

激安超特価 Nobby 80732 39 Comfort ◆在庫限り◆ Harness Green Classic Preno

Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Classic Preno Green


Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Classic Preno Green

Product description

Your basic equipment for your dog in a alltagstaugliches, perfect fit harness. This harness is made from nylon and offers thanks to its neoprene padding in the burst, neck and shoulder area being comfortable to carry. The belt is fully adjustable and decorated with reflective stripes on the chest padding. The crockery is in various sizes and colours to match your outfit or mood and especially suitable for Franz. Bulldog, Pug and co.

Nobby 80732 39 Comfort Harness Classic Preno Green

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