ALFU 10Pcs White 日本限定 DC 12V 3 Round Boat Lights Marine Inch Interior ALFU 10Pcs White 日本限定 DC 12V 3 Round Boat Lights Marine Inch Interior DC,Interior,White,Lights,24円,Marine,12V,Inch,3,10Pcs,,ALFU,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/firework652421.html,Boat,Round 24円 ALFU 10Pcs White DC 12V 3 Inch Round Marine Boat Interior Lights Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness DC,Interior,White,Lights,24円,Marine,12V,Inch,3,10Pcs,,ALFU,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/firework652421.html,Boat,Round 24円 ALFU 10Pcs White DC 12V 3 Inch Round Marine Boat Interior Lights Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

ALFU 10Pcs White 日本限定 DC 12V 3 Round Boat Lights Marine Inch 結婚祝い Interior

ALFU 10Pcs White DC 12V 3 Inch Round Marine Boat Interior Lights


ALFU 10Pcs White DC 12V 3 Inch Round Marine Boat Interior Lights

Product Description

Our Boat Navigation Stern Light has longevity and low draw of LED technology applied, which are loved by super multi buyers!

boat lights

What Can ALFU Bring To You:

1.ALFU Boat Interior Lights, our boat lights provide very charming lighting for people sailing at night. Bright LED bulb provides a simple and effective boat safety lighting with low power consumption.

2.ALFU is based on reliable logistics as the carrier.

3.High-quality ALFU service to customers is our top priority, and customer first, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

4.Our quality is worthy of your trust, We will solve your troubles online at any time. Just to achieve your satisfaction.

5.Your dedicated ALFU service will help you with enthusiasm and patience online within 24 hours (except statutory holidays).

Our Boat Lights fit for boat marine car truck trailer decorate light, navigation lights, side marker light lamp, step light, courtesy light and so on.

led boat lights

Our Boat Light is Widely of work in Boat Interior Light, Pontoon Boat, Navigation Light, Stern Light, Bow Light, Interior Light, Fishing Boat, Decorative Lights, Cockpit Light, Transom Light, Utility Boat Exterior, Night Light, Step Light, Bay boat, Boat trailer, Kayak, Yacht, Small Boat, Sailboat, Courtesy Light, Center Console Light, Bass Boat, Jon Boat, Tin Boat, Barge, Skeeter boat, etc

ALFU boat lamp chip is developed by our Ramp;D team with high quality and high brightness, is your best choice!

led boat lights
led boat lights led lights for boat boat lights interior boat deck lights
10Pcs led lights for boat 10Pcs led boat lights 5Pcs boat lights interior 5Pcs boat lights marine
Quantity 10Pcs 10Pcs 5Pcs 5Pcs
Color White Blue Blue White
External material ‎Chrome ‎Chrome ‎Chrome ‎Chrome
Voltage DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V
Ultra Brightness 6-2835-SMD 6-2835-SMD 6-2835-SMD 6-2835-SMD

ALFU 10Pcs White DC 12V 3 Inch Round Marine Boat Interior Lights

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