Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L BMX S Jersey Off-Road Men's マーケティング 49円 Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L/S Men's Off-Road BMX Jersey Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation BMX,Checker,Off-Road,Jersey,Designs,Lee,49円,L/S,Men's,Skyline,,/firework1992921.html,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Troy 49円 Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L/S Men's Off-Road BMX Jersey Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L BMX S Jersey Off-Road Men's マーケティング BMX,Checker,Off-Road,Jersey,Designs,Lee,49円,L/S,Men's,Skyline,,/firework1992921.html,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Troy

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L BMX S Jersey Off-Road Men's マーケティング 新品 送料無料

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L/S Men's Off-Road BMX Jersey


Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L/S Men's Off-Road BMX Jersey

Product description

Not too casual, not too racy, the Skyline kit is a best seller for good reason. And for 2018 we've taken it upon ourselves to refine the whole package with an industry first, environmentally sustainable Bluesign certified approved fabric. Going to a lighter, better moisture wicking material, the Skyline jersey is more comfortable than ever while still retaining its ideal loose fit. Long praised for its combination of value and performance, the 2018 Skyline sees this mix get even more compelling with the addition of the 2018 long sleeve jersey.

Loose fit is casual in feel but with leading technical design features
92% Polyester / 8% Spandex Bluesign certified approved fabric with moisture wicking/quick dry properties
New revised neck line and sleeve placement use SE-PRO moto jersey design features for increased freedom of movement and comfort
New compact rear side pocket, w/reflective TLD peace sign logo
Hidden optical wipe inside rear pocket
Inner arm vented mesh
Fabric weight 140gm/7.9oz
Fabric is certified as Bluesign approved

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Checker L/S Men's Off-Road BMX Jersey

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