CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator 10lb Rubber Posts 数量限定 Bas with Removable CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator 10lb Rubber Posts 数量限定 Bas with Removable 10lb,Rubber,/euphonia552355.html,49円,2,Delineator,,Removable,Industrial Scientific , Occupational Health Safety Pro,Bas,with,CCW,Set,45",of,Posts 49円 CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator Posts with Removable 10lb Rubber Bas Industrial Scientific Occupational Health Safety Pro 49円 CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator Posts with Removable 10lb Rubber Bas Industrial Scientific Occupational Health Safety Pro 10lb,Rubber,/euphonia552355.html,49円,2,Delineator,,Removable,Industrial Scientific , Occupational Health Safety Pro,Bas,with,CCW,Set,45",of,Posts

CCW Set of 2 45

CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator Posts with Removable 10lb Rubber Bas


CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator Posts with Removable 10lb Rubber Bas

Product Description

Weighted delineator post diverts traffic in parking lots providing a safe and secure environment. Our delineator posts can be used in place of cones and can help ensure the well-being of workers, pedestrians, and motorists. Designed to maximize safety and efficiency and increase the visibility of your worksite in a manner that is cost-effective and practical.

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Post Size: 45" Tall, with handle grip on the top of the post
Reflective Collars: 3" Tall, two reflective collars per each delineator post
Post Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Rubber
Rubber Base Material: Vulcanized Rubber
Rubber Base Weight: 10 lbs., Outdoor, Weatherproof
Post Colors: Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, White, Black, Blue

CCW Set of 2 45" Delineator Posts with Removable 10lb Rubber Bas

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