Leather,/en/terms/cookies-and-tracking/,Wallet,Purple,-,A5,132円,Document,-,Lucrin,canuxploitation.com,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Granulated,- 132円 Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet - Purple - Granulated Leather Office Products Office School Supplies Leather,/en/terms/cookies-and-tracking/,Wallet,Purple,-,A5,132円,Document,-,Lucrin,canuxploitation.com,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Granulated,- 安心の定価販売 Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet Purple Leather Granulated 安心の定価販売 Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet Purple Leather Granulated 132円 Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet - Purple - Granulated Leather Office Products Office School Supplies

安心の定価販売 Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet Purple Leather 特価キャンペーン Granulated

Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet - Purple - Granulated Leather


Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet - Purple - Granulated Leather

Product description


A5 document wallet.Inside left: a large pocket for documents and an additional business-card holder.Inside right: a pocket for an A5 notepad. Centre: a leather pen loop.Ideal for business people, executives and professionals.Closed Dimensions: 6.6 inches x 9.4 inchesOpened Dimensions: 9.4 inches x 14.1 inches

Lucrin - A5 Document Wallet - Purple - Granulated Leather

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