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H-A Large 好評 Full Length Floor Mirror Mirro Dressing 40%OFFの激安セール Standing Free

H-A Large Full Length Floor Mirror, Free Standing Dressing Mirro


H-A Large Full Length Floor Mirror, Free Standing Dressing Mirro

Product description

Color:65 X 22 Led Mirror


1. Power:16W
2. Color Temperature: 6500K
3. Lumen: 1800lm
4. Power Source: Input: 110-240V AC, 60Hz
5. Output: 12V DC.
6. Dimension: 61*21.7 inches
7. Item Length: 2.0 In.
8.Item Width: 21.7 In.
9.Item Height: 65.0 In.
10.Item Weight: 33 Lbs.

More details:

1. LED Mirror with Touch Button

2. Lighted Mirror with Silvered Reflection Layer

3. UL listed plug that can be cut for direct wire to junction box

4. Energy saving LED lifetime more than 50 000 hours

5 .Commercial grade vanity or bathroom hanging rectangle vertical mirror.

6. This mirror is a simply designed, classically chic bedroom mirror that will fit comfortably with any decor in a room

H-A Large Full Length Floor Mirror, Free Standing Dressing Mirro

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