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Bathroom Wall Cabinet Over 信頼 The Toilet Medicine 2020A/W新作送料無料 Cabi Mounted

Bathroom Wall Cabinet Over The Toilet,Wall Mounted Medicine Cabi


Bathroom Wall Cabinet Over The Toilet,Wall Mounted Medicine Cabi

Product description

Storage Furniture Bathroom Sink Cabinet

● This under sink cabinet not only looks good but would be a ideal space saving solution for you bathroom.

● It features two slatted doors with internal shelves, so you can store all your bathroom essentials in it and keep your bathroom neat and tidy.

● Moreover, it has a smooth white finish which will blend nicely with your modern or traditional decoration.

● So what are you waiting for? Just take it home!

Over The Toilet Space Saver Storage Cabinet

Key Features:

1)STURDY AND HEALTHY : Made up from MDF board, the bathroom cabinet wall mounted is a sturdy wall hanging storage solution ensuring long-lasting reliability.

2)Moisture Proof Design : The wall medicine cabinet are waterproof and damp-proof. Suitable for use in wet environments such as bathrooms or toilets.

3)High-quality Metal Hinges : Fine metal hinges with low resistance, smooth open and close, sturdy and durable.

4)Easy to Assemble : The double mirror door wall cabinet are easy to assemble and the all required accessories are included,. You can quickly assemble the item and use it in a clear and easy-to-understand manual.

Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinet - Bring High Taste for Your Decoration

Our bathroom wall cabinet white comes with simple design to be blended into any home decoration. It offers concise life style.

Utilize the spare wall space in your bathroom with this bathroom cabinet wall. Two interior adjustable shelves with three heights can accommodate items of different sizes and keep you stuff away from moisture.


1. Material: MDF

2. Color: White Log Color

3. Dimensions: (23.62 x 8.07 x 29.53)"/ (60 x 20.5 x 75)cm(L x W x H)

4. Weight: 33.73lb / 15.3kg

Package Includes:

1 x Freestanding Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Bathroom Wall Cabinet Over The Toilet,Wall Mounted Medicine Cabi

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