ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c 60 Clincher 88mm 50 38 授与 270円 ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c Clincher 38/50/60/88mm Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 270円 ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c Clincher 38/50/60/88mm Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 38/50/60/88mm,Carbon,Clincher,Bike,Road,canuxploitation.com,Wheels,/congratulation28571.html,ELITEWHEELS,270円,700c,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation 38/50/60/88mm,Carbon,Clincher,Bike,Road,canuxploitation.com,Wheels,/congratulation28571.html,ELITEWHEELS,270円,700c,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c 60 Clincher 88mm 50 38 授与

ELITEWHEELS Road Bike 受注生産品 Carbon Wheels 700c 60 Clincher 88mm 50 38 授与

ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c Clincher 38/50/60/88mm


ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c Clincher 38/50/60/88mm

Product description

RIM Details

Rim Finish: UD Matte

Rim Braking Surface: UD

Rim Type: Tubeless Compatible Clincher

Rim Size: 700C

Rim Depth: 38mm 45mm 50mm 60mm 88mm

Rim inner Width: 15.6mm 17mm 18.5mm

Rim outer Width: 25mm 27mm 28mm

Rim Holes:front 20 holes + rear 24 holes

HUB Details

Hub: P08 Front:QR/100mm Rear:QR/130mm 20-24H

Cassette body: For SHIMAN0 9/10/11 speed

Spokes AND Nipples

Spoke: pillar 1423 spoke: Black

Nipple:pillar nipple Black

Other Details

Max recommend rider weight:130KG

Max recommend tyre pressure: 140PSI

Weight of wheelset(excluding skewers):

88mm depth 25mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:2034±30g / Tubular:1954±30g

38mm depth 27mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:1564±30g / Tubular:1464±30g

50mm depth 27mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:1664±30g / Tubular:1564±30g

60mm depth 28mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:1754±30g / Tubular:1664±30g

45mm depth 28mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:1638±30g / Tubular:1538±30g

35mm depth 28mm width: Clincher/Tubeless:1571±30g / Tubular:1471±30g


Brake Pads

Rim tape

Quick Release

Two spokes

We have 1000 Days warranty service including return policy

1): Product packaging breakage

2): Product you received and description do not match

3): Product collisions

4): Accessory parts loss

ELITEWHEELS Road Bike Carbon Wheels 700c Clincher 38/50/60/88mm


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