Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Raindrops,AGONA,canuxploitation.com,/butterroot69375.html,23円,Red,Large,Storage,Foldable,Collaps,Bins,Ladybugs 23円 AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Storage Bins Large Collaps Home Kitchen Storage Organization ☆正規品新品未使用品 AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Collaps Large Bins Storage Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Raindrops,AGONA,canuxploitation.com,/butterroot69375.html,23円,Red,Large,Storage,Foldable,Collaps,Bins,Ladybugs 23円 AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Storage Bins Large Collaps Home Kitchen Storage Organization ☆正規品新品未使用品 AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Collaps Large Bins Storage

買い物 ☆正規品新品未使用品 AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Collaps Large Bins Storage

AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Storage Bins Large Collaps


AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Storage Bins Large Collaps

Product description

Size:2 PACKS

Organize your space with attractive and sturdy cloth covered storage bins, these functional and foldable basket bins are so pretty and give you multiple storage options! Store everything from linens, clothes, and towels, to kids toys, books and DVD's! They¡¯ll hold and hide your belongings and restore peace, calm and serenity to your life!

Material:?Canvas + PVE interior lining, It is easy to clean,just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth.
Dimensions: 15¡± L x 11¡± W x 9.5¡± H (38 x 28 x 24 cm)
Capacity: Can Store 32lb
Wash: Wipe with a clean cloth,Not machine washable
Package: 2 x Large storage bin

Multi-Purpose Usage:
Closet in rooms: clothes, hats, belts, etc.
Living room: magazines, books, controls, remotes, candles, DVDs, board games
Bathroom: tissue, sundry storage, combs, beauty supplies, makeup
Family Room: toys, blankets, games, clothes
Shelf organizers
Laundry room: cleaning supplies, detergent, cloths
General Storage: Pantry dry goods, linen and towels, storage basket for groceries in the car

Portable Carry Handles
Built-in sturdy carry handles for easy transport from room to room. Lightweight for carrying and organizing closets, Living Room,Bedroom,etc.

Perfect Gift
Whether it¡¯s for house warming gift to good friend, brothers, sisters, or for students living in dorms with limited space. Our fold-able rectangle storage bins makes things organizer easy to find, and make more space!

Our bins are delivered in a folded state. To help remove the creases, we suggest stuffing the bins with pillows, blankets, etc. to expand the shape of the bins.
Items may consist of a chemical scent due to the production process. Please air out the product(s) for 2-3 days to remove the scent

AGONA Red Ladybugs Raindrops Foldable Storage Bins Large Collaps

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