Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Barb 卸直営 Hose Fitting Connector Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Barb 卸直営 Hose Fitting Connector 63円 Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Hose Barb Fitting, Connector, Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 63円 Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Hose Barb Fitting, Connector, Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Hose,Brass,Pneumatics,Connector,,63円,FM68-5,/belligerent68960.html,Fitting,,Interstate,Barb, Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Hose,Brass,Pneumatics,Connector,,63円,FM68-5,/belligerent68960.html,Fitting,,Interstate,Barb,

Interstate 入手困難 Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Barb 卸直営 Hose Fitting Connector

Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Hose Barb Fitting, Connector,


Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Hose Barb Fitting, Connector,

Product description

Item Package Quantity:10

Interstate Pneumatics Brass Hose Barb Fitting is machined barb from a solid brass stock using CNC machine center. This brass fitting has thicker walls and long length; this product can be used with PVC, PU, Rubber hose or tubing and to be secured with a hose clamp or crimped ferrule.


  • Threads: 5/8" Barb X 3/8" NPT Male End - Machined (Provides seal tight threads)
  • Temperature Range: -65 ° F to 250 ° F
  • Max Working Pressure: 250 PSI
  • Conformance: ASME, SAE, NPT
  • Material: Brass - Excellent strength amp; ductility, corrosion resistance, good bearing properties, low magnetic permeability

Interstate Pneumatics FM68-5 Brass Hose Barb Fitting, Connector,

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