200mm,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,22953,placemat,25円,Kinto,270,~,/banghy208437.html,canuxploitation.com,Birch 25円 Kinto placemat Birch 270 ~ 200mm 22953 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Kinto placemat Birch 270 200mm セール 登場から人気沸騰 ~ 22953 200mm,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,22953,placemat,25円,Kinto,270,~,/banghy208437.html,canuxploitation.com,Birch 25円 Kinto placemat Birch 270 ~ 200mm 22953 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Kinto placemat Birch 270 200mm セール 登場から人気沸騰 ~ 22953

Kinto 《週末限定タイムセール》 placemat Birch 270 200mm セール 登場から人気沸騰 ~ 22953

Kinto placemat Birch 270 ~ 200mm 22953


Kinto placemat Birch 270 ~ 200mm 22953

Product description

Body size: width 270 ~ depth 200 height 10 mm Body weight: 168g Material: natural wood (plywood) Country of origin: China Dish washing and drying machine is not can use it.

Kinto placemat Birch 270 ~ 200mm 22953

Welcome to the

A garden for everyone, open by reservation

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