Summer.rdy,,Running,Shoe,Sl20,38円,/arietinous554829.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Unisex-Child,adidas adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Running Shoe 訳あり Summer.rdy adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Running Shoe 訳あり Summer.rdy 38円 adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Summer.rdy Running Shoe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls 38円 adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Summer.rdy Running Shoe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Girls Summer.rdy,,Running,Shoe,Sl20,38円,/arietinous554829.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Girls,Unisex-Child,adidas

adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Running Shoe 訳あり Summer.rdy 営業

adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Summer.rdy Running Shoe


adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Summer.rdy Running Shoe

Product description

Say yes to warm-weather running. These juniors' adidas shoes keep you cool with a lightweight mesh upper. Soft midsole cushioning adds comfort as you pile up the summer miles.

From the manufacturer

adidas SL20 feel the lightness
new lightstrike midsole
Shoe design features and benefits

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Our super lightweight cushioned midsole that energizes your every step.


The Primeknit upper wraps the foot with a supportive fit that enhances movement.


The adaptive knit upper molds to your foot to encourage natural movement.


Seamless, stretchable, lightweight mesh that breathes.


The midsole contains 20% more Boost for an amplified Boost feeling.


Bounce cushioning provides enhanced comfort and flexibility.


The hard-working Continental outsole gives you grip that flows with every step.


Tailored Fiber Placement provides stitched-in reinforcement.


Low-profile shoe for indoor and outdoor sports.


adidas Unisex-Child Sl20 Summer.rdy Running Shoe


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