Dynafold DE-380 Commercial 新品■送料無料■ Grade Performance Digital Paper High Dynafold DE-380 Commercial 新品■送料無料■ Grade Performance Digital Paper High Commercial,DE-380,Paper,Grade,1522円,High,Performance,/arietinous1993429.html,Dynafold,Office Products , Office School Supplies,canuxploitation.com,Digital 1522円 Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade High Performance Digital Paper Office Products Office School Supplies 1522円 Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade High Performance Digital Paper Office Products Office School Supplies Commercial,DE-380,Paper,Grade,1522円,High,Performance,/arietinous1993429.html,Dynafold,Office Products , Office School Supplies,canuxploitation.com,Digital

Dynafold DE-380 Commercial 新品■送料無料■ Grade Performance (人気激安) Digital Paper High

Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade High Performance Digital Paper


Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade High Performance Digital Paper

Product Description

Dynafold, King of the Affordable Paper Folding Machines Since 1986

380S Detaqil image

The Automatic folder Model 380 from Dynafold, features push button settings which allows anyone to use the paper folder. Just by pushing a button, the user can fold the piece without set-up or training. The Model 380 Dynafold Folder is self adjusting for paper thickness and eliminates the need for fanning paper, and with its enclosed plates it is quiet and adapts to every office environment. Every possible feature has been added to our New DE-380 paper Folder, and with the new improved feeding system, it is truly a state of the art paper folding machine. This is a completely automatic paper folder – push a button and it will set up to 18 pre-set folds: 81/2 x 11 6std, presets, 81/2 x 14 6std, presets and 11 x 17 6std, presets.

Key Features

  • Error Detection, Jam Sensor,Eject Sensor, Variable Speed
  • Push button paper setting
  • Self adjusting to paper thickness
  • Load up to 500 sheets
  • Electronic counter
  • Conveyor belt stacker
  • Start-stop switch
  • 18 pre-set paper settings
  • Speed control


  • Dimension: 31"W x 19"L x 21"H; 790 x 490 x 525 mm
  • Weight: 71 lb, 32 kgs

Dynafold DE-380 Commercial Grade High Performance Digital Paper

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