Outl,Way,3,76円,-,Interstate,Pneumatics,Round,Manifold,FPM44,Aluminum,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,canuxploitation.com,/arietinous161229.html Interstate 贈物 Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round 3 Way - Manifold Outl Interstate 贈物 Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round 3 Way - Manifold Outl Outl,Way,3,76円,-,Interstate,Pneumatics,Round,Manifold,FPM44,Aluminum,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,canuxploitation.com,/arietinous161229.html 76円 Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - 3 Way Outl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 76円 Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - 3 Way Outl Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Interstate 贈物 Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round 激安超特価 3 Way - Manifold Outl

Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - 3 Way Outl


Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - 3 Way Outl

Product description

Item Package Quantity:10

Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - one air source 1/4" NPT inlet into three 1/4" NPT Female outlet.

Interstate Pneumatics 3-in-1 (Tripod Style) Manifold divides one air source into three 1/4" NPT Female outlet ports. This item is machined from Aluminum bar stock.

Safely distributes three work lines to one area.


  • Compact and light weight
  • Heavy duty and high impact
  • Large orifice for high flow rate
  • The integral design reduces leak points


  • NPT Female Inlet: 1/4" (1X)
  • NPT Female Outlet: 1/4" (3X)

Interstate Pneumatics FPM44 Aluminum Round Manifold - 3 Way Outl

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