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Porsche 944 卓出 ストアー Hoodie Youngtim Sweatshirt

Porsche 944 Hoodie, Porsche 944 Sweatshirt, 944 Hoodie, Youngtim


Porsche 944 Hoodie, Porsche 944 Sweatshirt, 944 Hoodie, Youngtim

Product description

Premium Porsche 944 Sweatshirt, Inspired by our outlaw vintage apparel look, this is the perfect gift for the 944 lover. Super comfortable, high-quality and warm. We have a Porsche 944 design on the front and outlaw-style Porsche 944 large image and information on the back: - High Quality Image of Porsche 944 - Neckarsulm, Germany (Location of original Porsche 944 assembly plant) Sweatshirt Features: Super comfortable 50% cotton/50% polyester Double-lined hood Front pouch pocket Retro Outlaws Code: 1) 'Sweatshop free', I work with print company's that have very strong environmental ethics and respect all workers rights. 2) I design everything myself - no outsourcing to random people. 3) Premium Quality Print. I've had some lovely feedback and I always welcome it - I'm here to help with any inquires, please ask a question - and please leave feedback, thank you guys.

Porsche 944 Hoodie, Porsche 944 Sweatshirt, 944 Hoodie, Youngtim

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