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AGONA Cute Animal Giraffe Monkey Birds In Rug 4x6 Area 《週末限定タイムセール》 Soft Rugs おしゃれ

AGONA Cute Animal Giraffe Monkey Birds Area Rug 4x6 Soft Rugs In


AGONA Cute Animal Giraffe Monkey Birds Area Rug 4x6 Soft Rugs In

Product description

Size:72 x 48 inch

Bring comfort and cozy style into your bathroom with this funny Bathroom Rug. The different pattern adds fun and flair, livening up most any space.

Non-Slip Design
Don't worry about the rug will slippery everywhere, the bottom of this carpet is inlaid with white fine particles made by TPR meterial, durable and absolutely anti slip.

New fashion style
Vintage-inspired design with modern colors, area rug can become the center of more neutral-toned space or blend seamlessly with other colorful statement pieces.

Backing Material: 100% TPR
Material: 20% Cotton + 80% Polyester.
Size: 4x6 feet

1*Area Rug

Machine Washable amp; handwash.
Washing under the cold water not the hot water.
For the convenience of logistics and transportation, the mat will be folded and shipped. When you receive it, there may be creases. After 3-5 hours, the crease will disappear. Please feel free to buy!

AGONA Cute Animal Giraffe Monkey Birds Area Rug 4x6 Soft Rugs In

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