Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose with 正規激安 Shop Vacs and 77円 Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose and Shop Vacs with Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose with 正規激安 Shop Vacs and Shop,77円,Antistatic,with,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,and,Vacuum,/ajangle653427.html,Systems,canuxploitation.com,Vacs,Hose,Cen-Tec,95556 Shop,77円,Antistatic,with,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,and,Vacuum,/ajangle653427.html,Systems,canuxploitation.com,Vacs,Hose,Cen-Tec,95556 77円 Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose and Shop Vacs with Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose with 正規激安 Shop セール特別価格 Vacs and

Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose and Shop Vacs with


Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose and Shop Vacs with

Product description

Size:16 Ft. Hose with Protective Sleeve

Cen-Tec Systems’ hose with multi-brand power adapter set is engineered to connect a wide range of major power tool brands to your home shop vacuum for recovery of the debris and dust generated during the use of the power tool, keeping you and your shop clean while protecting you from airborne particulate that can harm your health. The adapters are designed to be versatile with most unique and tool industry typical connections. The inner collar with durable acetal clip connects directly to most brands of dry wall sanders and other tools generating high volumes of dust or having large debris profiles. A bayonet fitting with 1" soft TPE molded fitting is perfect for small power tool connections. The smooth 360 degree swivel rotation of the bayonet prevents the hose from kinking or resisting free movement of the power tool. Changing from the 1" fitting to a 1 ½” soft TPE fitting popular on many chop saws and routers takes only a second using the quick clip system. Further adapters included in this expanded set are ¾” and 1-1/4", fitting additional brands of tools and shrouds. Finally, an air relief is designed into the bayonet fitting to allow adjustment of the air stream at the tool as necessary to prevent tools sealing to the work surface. The hose offers a 1-1/4" x 16 foot highly flexible antistatic commercial grade vacuum hose with smooth interior to prevent clogs and maximize air flow to the vacuum. The Cen-Tec proprietary shop vac connection is designed to maximize the opening from the hose into the vacuum to prevent clogs and improve airflow delivering the maximum performance from your vacuum. Cen-Tec's hose is designed to fit all major brands of power tools and work shrouds including Skill Bosch, Ryobi, Makita, Dewalt, Festool. Fein, Cobalt, Porter Cable, Hitachi and Milwaukee Electric. The tank end is designed to fit all major brands of home shop vacuums including Shop Vac, Vacmaster, Ridgid, Craftsman, Dewalt, John Deere, as well as many private brands typical of the 2 ½" vacuum connection. This antistatic hose set is engineered to provide a complete electro-static dissipative dust collection hose solution connecting all major brands of power tools to vacuums designed to insure a grounded shock free working environment.

Cen-Tec Systems 95556 Antistatic Vacuum Hose and Shop Vacs with

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