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お買い得 Paper Projects L.O.L. Party Bundle Sticker 引き出物 Surprise

Paper Projects L.O.L. Surprise Party Sticker Bundle


Paper Projects L.O.L. Surprise Party Sticker Bundle

Product description

L.O.L. Surprise! Party Bag Sticker Bundle, by Paper Projects. Official licensed product featuring three packs of L.O.L. Surprise! Party Bag Stickers, contains a total of eighteen identical sheets of detailed paper stickers - perfect for your child’s party! These stickers are small enough to fit into most party bags, but can also be used as stocking fillers, little gifts, or as a little reward for good behaviour.

Paper Projects stickers are always a hit with children of all ages – because as we all know, kids love stickers!

Paper Projects L.O.L. Surprise Party Sticker Bundle


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