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Lucky Monet 210D V-Hull Boat Cover Pontoon Heavy Duty Wate 18%OFF お洒落

Lucky Monet 210D V-Hull Boat Cover Heavy Duty Pontoon Cover Wate


Lucky Monet 210D V-Hull Boat Cover Heavy Duty Pontoon Cover Wate

Product description

Material: Waterproof 210D Oxford Fabric with PU coating
Waterproof Pressure: 1000mm
Color: Blue

Boat Cover Size:
Style 1: V-Hull Boat
Dimension 1: 420 x 270cm / 13.78 x 8.86ft
Applicable Boats: 11'-13' length, fits beam width to 90”

Dimension 2: 530 x 290cm / 17.39 x 9.51ft
Applicable Boats: 14'-16' length, fits beam width to 90”

Dimension 3: 600 x 300cm / 19.69 x 9.84ft
Applicable Boats: 17'-19' length, fits beam width to 95”

Dimension 4: 700 x 260cm /22.97 x 8.53ft
Applicable Boats: 20'-22' length, fits beam width to 100”

Style 2: Pontoon Boat
Dimension 1: 625 x 400cm / 20.51 x 13.12ft
Applicable Boats: 17'-20' length, fits beam width to 96”
Dimension 2: 750 x 400cm / 24.61 x 13.12ft
Applicable Boats : 21'-24' length, fits beam width to 104”

Package Included:
1 x Boat Cover
5 x Straps
1 x Storage Bag

Lucky Monet 210D V-Hull Boat Cover Heavy Duty Pontoon Cover Wate

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