Carry,Travel,Travel,CONVELIFE,Golf,to,Golf,Bag,Golf,Cover,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/aeolsklavier1994211.html,27円,Club,B, 27円 CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag,Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry Golf B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 27円 CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag,Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry Golf B Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Carry,Travel,Travel,CONVELIFE,Golf,to,Golf,Bag,Golf,Cover,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,/aeolsklavier1994211.html,27円,Club,B, CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag Club to Seasonal Wrap入荷 Carry B Cover CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag Club to Seasonal Wrap入荷 Carry B Cover

CONVELIFE Golf Travel 爆安 Bag Club to Seasonal Wrap入荷 Carry B Cover

CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag,Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry Golf B


CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag,Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry Golf B

Product description

THICK 5mm padding throughout, Ideal for air travel
4 protective feet on the bottom + hard vinyl base - protects against wear and drag
Comfort grip padded handles
Padded tote handles, top handle, and shoulder straps gives ultimate flexibility and comfort in carrying
Removable shoulder strap with made-to-last METAL hardware
Wide gauge, quality zippers wrap around for easy loading of golf bag and clubs
Metal zipper pulls can lock together for added SAFETY
Executive Golf Travel Cover
Easy to load,wrap-around
Ultimate protection for air travel
Padded to Protect Your Golf Equipment
Built with 5mm of padding throughout, and an internal lining made to help protect your golf clubs.
Easy to Carry
Padded carry straps lock with a velcro closure. These can be used to carry your bag like a duffel with ease.
This soft sided case is lightweight so it doesn't add any additional stress when carrying.
The included removable shoulder strap is also padded to relieve any strain on your back when carrying
Folds Away When Not in Use
Easily roll up your travel bag to a compact size for storage when not in use.

CONVELIFE Golf Travel Bag,Golf Club Travel Cover to Carry Golf B


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