Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet 送料無料 Brush Cleaning,/about/email-alerts-and-rss-feeds,Spotty,Health Household , Household Supplies,Inch,39円,Renovator,Brush,Rug,10,Cleaning,Carpet,/about/email-alerts-and-rss-feeds,Spotty,Health Household , Household Supplies,Inch,39円,Renovator,Brush,Rug,10,Cleaning,Carpet 39円 Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush Health Household Household Supplies Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet 送料無料 Brush Cleaning 39円 Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush Health Household Household Supplies

Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet 送料無料 休日 Brush Cleaning

Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush


Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush

Product description

Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush. Rug Renovator Brush with handle. No need to call a professional carpet cleaner, the Rug Renovator is easy to use and quick to clean carpet stains. 10 inch wide brush let you clean large areas. Soft bristles for spot removal - Footprints and Kid's spills. Stiff bristles for deep cleaning - Pet and Wine stains. In-line wheels allow for scrubbing next to baseboards. Adjustable telescopic pole allows you to stand and clean. Adjustable extension pole extends from 33 inches to 60 inches. Manufacturer Part No.: CD1402 CS-80121

Spotty Rug Renovator 10 Inch Carpet Cleaning Brush


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