Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,in,Riverbay,Udder,Chair,Upholstered,Armless,,/Miramolin1993849.html,Furniture,Office,Mad,178円 Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair Udder Mad in 超人気 専門店 178円 Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair in Udder Mad Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair Udder Mad in 超人気 専門店 178円 Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair in Udder Mad Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,in,Riverbay,Udder,Chair,Upholstered,Armless,,/Miramolin1993849.html,Furniture,Office,Mad,178円

Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair Udder Mad in 超人気 高い素材 専門店

Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair in Udder Mad


Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair in Udder Mad

Product description

Add style and function to your office with the Office Chair. The soft, plush frame is upholstered in a dark brown cow print fabric and features a square back. Antique Bronze nailheads accent the chair. A walnut wood base has metal casters for ease of mobility. Perfect for a home work space or the office.


Materials: Pine, Rubberwood, CA Foam, Fabric, Metal Casters, Printed Microfiber 100% Polyester
Finish: Walnut
Stylish desk chair alternative
Plush seat and back
Antique Bronze Nailheads
Metal Casters
Some Assembly Required


Overall Product Dimensions: 36.25" H x 24" W x 27.25" D
Product Weight: 48 lbs
Seat Height: 23.75"
Seat Depth: 18.75"
Seat Back Height: 19.75"

Riverbay Furniture Armless Upholstered Office Chair in Udder Mad

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