for,,45円,Speedmotor,Spoiler,Hon,/Ianthina552212.html,Wing,Window,Compatible,Flap,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Roof,Rear Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler 大規模セール Flap Compatible Wing Hon for 45円 Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler Wing Flap Compatible for Hon Automotive Replacement Parts for,,45円,Speedmotor,Spoiler,Hon,/Ianthina552212.html,Wing,Window,Compatible,Flap,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Roof,Rear 45円 Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler Wing Flap Compatible for Hon Automotive Replacement Parts Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler 大規模セール Flap Compatible Wing Hon for

Speedmotor Rear Window Roof 最安値 Spoiler 大規模セール Flap Compatible Wing Hon for

Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler Wing Flap Compatible for Hon


Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler Wing Flap Compatible for Hon

Product description

Title: Roof Spoiler Wing

Compatible For Honda 2016-2018 Civic 4 Door Sedan Model
Will Not Fit Hatchback or 2 Door Coupe

Color: Unpainted Black

Style: Type R Style
Material: ABS
Surface Finish: Matte black, primed
Placement on Vehicle: Rear
Can be painted to match the color of your car.
Instant improve styling to your car.
Highest grade ABS plastic along with custom fit inch to inch manufacturing molding present you the finest Quality amp; lightweight

Facelift a perfect blend of style and function
Drilling needed, installation instruction not included
Professional installation is highly recommended
This spoiler is made of superior ABS material, primed, and you can paint with any colour.
Great racing and unique update,added-on a high-performance racing customization look to your vehicle.

Increase ground adhesive force and counteract elevating force. Reduce windage effect.
Keep the vehicle stay close to the road and improve driving stability.
Precise design and elegant appearance, fully idiosyncratic.
Smooth surface with exquisite workmanship, easy to paint.
Low weight, high tenacity, good fitment.
Main Function: Reduce air resistance, improve car speed and decline fuel consumption.

Special Note:
Does not include any 3M tape or silicone glue for installation
If your vehicle is equipped with a factory spoiler, it will have to be removed before installing this item.

Package Includes: 1 x Trunk Spoiler Wing

Speedmotor Rear Window Roof Spoiler Wing Flap Compatible for Hon

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