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New 市販 Balance Men's Furon Dispatch Fg 誕生日/お祝い Soccer V7 Shoe

New Balance Men's Furon Dispatch Fg V7 Soccer Shoe


New Balance Men's Furon Dispatch Fg V7 Soccer Shoe

Product description

The New Balance Furon V6+ Dispatch FG soccer cleats are minimal in design but feature maximum impact. A simplified sensation, these soccer cleats are ideal for use on firm ground surfaces, and are lightweight to provide a feeling of direct contact with the ground and ball. This, along with the seamless synthetic vamp and TPU plate, delivers an impeccable feel. Finished with an eye-catching color palette and a Flying NB graphic at the toe, these soccer cleats will elevate your look on the field.

From the manufacturer

New Balance Men's Furon Dispatch Fg V7 Soccer Shoe

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