Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set Egyptian GSM Medium Cotton 未使用 500 Set,,12-Piece,Ultra-Soft,/Gorgonzola645343.html,Medium,500,Towel,canuxploitation.com,Cotton,,Home Kitchen , Bath,Egyptian,61円,GSM, Set,,12-Piece,Ultra-Soft,/Gorgonzola645343.html,Medium,500,Towel,canuxploitation.com,Cotton,,Home Kitchen , Bath,Egyptian,61円,GSM, Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set Egyptian GSM Medium Cotton 未使用 500 61円 Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set, Egyptian Cotton, 500 GSM, Medium Home Kitchen Bath 61円 Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set, Egyptian Cotton, 500 GSM, Medium Home Kitchen Bath

Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set Egyptian GSM Medium 希少 Cotton 未使用 500

Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set, Egyptian Cotton, 500 GSM, Medium


Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set, Egyptian Cotton, 500 GSM, Medium

Product description


Get ready to enjoy maximum comfort with the Barmsfield Egyptian Cotton Towel Set. The Egyptian Cotton material has a luxurious feel while soaking up water fast to get you dry quickly. For added comfort, these towels feature a medium towel weight for increased softness and durability. These towels feel soft against your skin, and the Egyptian Cotton loop construction makes these towels more absorbent than ordinary cotton towels. This beautiful set is available in a variety of solid color options that feature a decorative dobby border for contemporary flair.

Ultra-Soft 12-Piece Towel Set, Egyptian Cotton, 500 GSM, Medium

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