Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Power Nibb Drill Saw 市販 Metal,Nibbler,Sheet,Nibb,Power,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drill,/Albertina644189.html,Headed,28円,Saw,,Cutter,,Double 28円 Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Saw, Power Drill Nibb Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Metal,Nibbler,Sheet,Nibb,Power,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drill,/Albertina644189.html,Headed,28円,Saw,,Cutter,,Double Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Power Nibb Drill Saw 市販 28円 Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Saw, Power Drill Nibb Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Power Nibb Drill Saw 市販 開店祝い

Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Saw, Power Drill Nibb


Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Saw, Power Drill Nibb

Product description

Color:Pattern A

It is widely used for cutting or sawing metal sheet, metal rods amp; slices, plastic, fiberglass, woods. A must in your jobs or repairing, decoration and some other similar purpose. Portable and convenient, excelletn in cutting and sawing withour any burrs; changeable in any cutting sawing direction within 360 degree; availabe in cutting and sawing any cruve, straight, roun, square, oval and any other irregular shapes

Straight cutting and curve cutting capable
Double cutting head and 360 degree adjustable
Excellent cutting effect without any burrs and edges
Ergonomic design handle for comfort
Durable, efficient and safe
Compact size, easy to operate and labor-saving
Suitable for car repair and maintenance and metal sheet productions
Maximum cutting capacities: steel plate 1.6mm, stainless steel 1.2mm, copper/aluminium plate 5mm, plastic/fibreboard 20mm

Cutter: 3000rpm-2m/min when cutting steel plate within 1.6mm stainless steel within 1.2mm Saw: over 3000rpm-1m/min when sawing plastic/fibreboard within 20mm, under 300rpm-1m/min when sawing copper/metal plate within 5mm
Cutting diameter: 25mm
Sawing Diamerter: 30mm

Package include:
1x wrench
1 x Nibble
1 x spare cutter holder
1 x cutter bar
1 x Handle
1 x saw blade
1 x Handle connector

Close the plastic safety housing before usage
Don't exceed the thickness of cutting material supulated herein
Don't use this tool out of the usage ranges illustrated herein
Switch off your drill before you install the tool or have any cutting rod and saw blade replacements

Double Headed Metal Sheet Nibbler Cutter Saw, Power Drill Nibb

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