Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Dual Retractable 人気の製品 Cleaning Non Nozzle Nozzle,Bidet,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Non,29円,Dual,Cleaning,/Albertina365089.html,Seat,Fresh,,Retractable,Water,Self 29円 Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Cleaning Retractable Dual Nozzle Non Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Nozzle,Bidet,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Non,29円,Dual,Cleaning,/Albertina365089.html,Seat,Fresh,,Retractable,Water,Self 29円 Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Cleaning Retractable Dual Nozzle Non Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Dual Retractable 人気の製品 Cleaning Non Nozzle

Bidet Seat Fresh 期間限定 Water Self Dual Retractable 人気の製品 Cleaning Non Nozzle

Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Cleaning Retractable Dual Nozzle Non


Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Cleaning Retractable Dual Nozzle Non

Product description

High Quality Parts at an Excellent Price

SOLIDMAC bidet are manufactured with high quality ABS materials ,durable parts built to last and withstand the water pressure

that will flow through it,and the control knobs are specially designed with surface electroplating to make the products more beautiful.

Good for Women, Elderly, Limited Mobility

Bidets are a beneficial and relieving solution for women during that time of the month, pregnancy, and even UTI's. Bidets can

improve bathroom autonomy and independence for the elderly as well as promote self care for those with limited mobility or other medical needs.

Non-Electric and Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Use natural tap water pressure, as far as possible to release the maximum water pressure, to achieve thorough cleaning.

In addition to the hygienic benefits of the retractable nozzle and guard gate, this model also features a nozzle cleaning mode

to thoroughly rinse the nozzle. To activate nozzle cleaning, simply turn the mode dial to the right, then turn the water pressure

dial to the highest pressure setting. The bidet features dual chrome-plated knobs that allow the user to select a

mode and then activate and adjust water pressure. With clearly defined settings on the control panel, the bidet can easily be operated by children and the elderly.

Simplicity of Operator

Our product is easy to operate, you can adjust the water pressure by rotate the control knobs. You can

position your hands on the nozzle before using the bidet, to avoid wet your clothes with too high water


Bidet Seat Fresh Water Self Cleaning Retractable Dual Nozzle Non

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