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School Backpack for Girls Gazigo High Womens Boo 高級な College 現金特価

School Backpack for Girls, Gazigo Womens High School College Boo


School Backpack for Girls, Gazigo Womens High School College Boo

Product Description

3 in 1 School Backpack for Teen Girls, Casual Laptop Bag Shoulder Bag Bookbags backpacks for Women of High School/College, Teens Backpack Set ,Girls School Bags, Bookbags 3 in 1, College backpack with Black White Stripes, Middle High School Backpack...

Causal Canvas Stripe Backpack Cute Teen Backpacks For Girls School Bag

Ideal for service as school backpack, laptop backpack, travel bag, bookbag, rucksack, schoolbag, and casual daypack for school, work, weekend getaway, occasional travel, gyms, hiking etc.

Spacious main compartment: Mainly for books, and other school suppliers, help you carry all daily essentials easily, files, documents, clothing, tablet/kindle/iPad, sunglasses, headphone, cell phone and many other belongings.
Padded Laptop Compartment can holds a laptop up to 14 inch.
Front Flap compartment for your small items need to be quick accessed, easily reach your cell phone, wallet, keys ,notebook, tissue and so on.
Two side pockets perfect for water bottle, umbrella etc. Inner small pocket make your essentials well organized.
THE SHOULDER BAG: For every day using, as a picnic bag,phone bag.
THE PENCIL CASE : can put pens or other stationery. The pen bag can also be used as a purse.

Well-padded shoulder straps and back side, also the S-Shape straps comes contoured ergonomically design, will ensure you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Since the size is measured by hand, the real item could be slightly different from the size above.
Due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings, etc, there could be some differences in the color tone of the pictures and the real item.

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School Backpack for Girls, Gazigo Womens High School College Boo

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